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Reduces the time it takes to produce a first-article inspection


First-article inspection, commonly referred to as FAI, is a leading means of inspecting and testing products in the early stages of production. This quality assurance process is designed to save time and money later on in development by establishing a high level of accuracy and consistency. DISCUS FAI software is designed to streamline this process and provides assurance that products are manufactured to the specifications and quality standards purchasing manufacturers demand.

The DISCUS advantage

The DISCUS family of products is specifically designed to enable you to organise the technical data package or packages (TDP or TDPs) and capture the characteristic accountability of a part much more efficiently for the set up of the FAI process.

The DISCUS solution features a panel for analysing and extracting characteristics from the drawing or model, as well as from the specifications. DISCUS then generates the list of part-specific characteristics and creates associated ballooned drawings.

Which product is right for you?


Manage the Technical Data Package (TDP) and identify characteristics and requirements from 2D drawings and specification documents.

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