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Automated SPC data collection.
Quality management at its best.


Monitor your processes in real time for optimal performance

Your time is precious. Manual data collection should be a thing of the past. That’s why our QC-CALC software is renowned throughout the industry for its ease of implementation. We integrate with over 250 different makes, models and versions of automatic inspection and measurement equipment, giving you the flexibility to select from a wide-ranging list.

Collect data in real time, either remotely or on the shopfloor, whether you are using a CMM or a vernier, for immediate feedback.

Quality management software for all levels

Prolink offers a comprehensive suite of scalable software solutions, aiming to automate and enhance the efficiency of your SPC data collection and quality analysis tasks. Our platform is tailored for all levels within an organisation, fueling the process efficiency you need.

Designed to fit around your unique requirements

Prolink’s quality management software solutions are designed to harmoniously integrate with your existing systems, including leading statistics, ballooning and database providers, like SAP systems and Pilot software, allowing you to instantly reap the benefits.

Eliminate human error with automatic reporting

The traditional methods of manual data collection and spreadsheets open the door to human error and inefficiencies. The Prolink method offers an innovative solution, automatically importing data, integrating with any CMM or gauge and automatically generating reports.

User-friendly & efficient across all devices

Prolink provides a flexible and easy-to-use solution across all devices, optimising your processes. Our software efficiently extracts real-time result data from any device or machine, including CMM, VMM, handheld tools like micrometres and calipers, and various other gauges. 

Take full control of your data collection processes

Prolink’s automated data collection solutions conduct thorough analysis, generate insightful reports and maintain complete visibility and control over your processes for individual or multiple locations, ensuring consistent reporting and enhanced quality management.

Quality visualisation. Empowered decision making.

We don’t just collect data; we help you understand it. Our software solutions automate the process of data collection and reporting, visualising data in real time, allowing you to see how each section of your factory is performing. 

This clarity allows for improved efficiencies across your entire shopfloor, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions that can reduce resource waste and increase productivity.

Introducing QC-Mobile

Experience the convenience of having your data at your fingertips with our QC-Mobile app. This modern, fresh-looking software gives you full control of your production and measurement processes, allowing you to identify and understand noise in your production environment and tackle areas of concern with ease.

Why choose Prolink?

Peak efficiency with streamlined workflows

Achieve optimal efficiency with our automated SPC data collection software. It’s designed to boost productivity and reduce waste, transforming your data management to focus on delivering quality products.

Precision & accuracy at your fingertips

Our platform emphasises precision, minimising errors in data collection and analysis. It ensures alignment with your high-quality standards, refining your output to help you excel in the marketplace.

Seamless integration. Effortless transition.

We value your existing systems and tools. Our software is engineered for seamless integration, offering an easy set-up process and an intuitive interface that flawlessly fits into your current workflows.

Scalability to match your ambitions

Our platform grows with you. Catering to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups venturing into quality management for the first time, to enterprises optimising processes, Prolink adapts to provide robust and reliable solutions.

Real-time monitoring for timely decisions

Stay ahead with our real-time process-monitoring capabilities. Gain instant insights into your manufacturing operations, enabling informed and timely decisions that maintain optimal performance.

Ensuring compliance. Inspiring confidence.

Maintaining compliance with industry standards is straightforward with Prolink software. Designed to meet the highest quality-control benchmarks, you can operate within set rules and guidelines without worries.

Unleash the power of precision with Prolink

Tap into a range of innovative features for your measurement system with our user-friendly quality control software. Improve inspection efficiency and explore comprehensive data analysis. Reach out to learn more about how Prolink can propel your metrology processes to new heights.