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Optimising precision machining through SPC

Small High-Precision Manufacture

In an era where precision, efficiency and costs bear significant impact on manufacturing outcomes, the high-precision manufacturing industry faces unique challenges. High measurement needs, the potential for human error, substantial scrap rates and the necessity of deciphering a multitude of numbers, all these factors contribute to the complexity of operating within this sector. 

Prolink's suite of software solutions is designed to address these challenges head on, offering a host of benefits tailored specifically for manufacturers within this intricate industry.

Why use SPC software for small high-precision manufacture?

Streamlining processes, minimising human error

One of the key challenges in high-precision manufacturing is the need for continuous operator intervention. Manual processes like data recording and data analysis, often executed using tools like Excel, are not only time-consuming but can also introduce the potential for errors. Prolink’s software solutions automate these operations, drastically reducing the time operators spend on data handling and virtually eliminating the possibility of manual errors.

High measurement needs. Simplified.

With an industry that requires a significant amount of measurements for every component, there’s a vast amount of data that needs to be recorded and analysed. Without a proper system in place, this can quickly become overwhelming. Our software suite offers a comprehensive, automated approach to data collection, allowing you to effortlessly record an array of measurements and transform them into meaningful insights.

Turning high scrap rates into savings

High-precision manufacturing often has to contend with substantial scrap rates, which can lead to considerable financial losses. By offering real-time insights into your production processes, our solutions enable you to identify potential issues before they result in scrap, dramatically reducing wastage and associated costs.

Deciphering the numbers

A key aspect of high-precision manufacturing is understanding the large volumes of numbers produced by various processes. The ability to interpret these numbers is crucial for everyone involved, from the shopfloor to the top management. Our systems convert these complex numbers into intuitive visual data and actionable insights, allowing your team to make informed, data-driven decisions promptly.

Unleashing full control of your processes

Gaining full control over your processes is no longer a daunting task with Prolink’s software solutions. With real-time data and analysis at your fingertips, you can proactively correct tools and intervene before things go awry, ensuring you maintain control over your processes and minimise scrap rates.

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