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Optimising aerospace & defence manufacturing


The aerospace industry is a realm of high stakes requiring unmatched precision, particularly due to the high value of components and assemblies. The aerospace sector often deals with low quantities but high-value outputs, with a focus on attribute gauging and digitised visual checks, which calls for a rigorous quality management system.

Why use SPC software for the aerospace industry?

Boosting efficiency & reducing errors

The comprehensive software solutions offered by Prolink work in harmony to streamline the manufacturing process. This approach helps to eradicate manual recording processes like writing pass or fail outcomes on a sheet of paper, thereby reducing errors. The automation afforded by these solutions not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the scrap rate, a critical benefit for such a high-value industry.

Overcoming aerospace industry challenges

Producing components for the aerospace industry demands extreme accuracy and traceability to ensure compliance with stringent standards and safety measures. Costly raw materials and intricacies of subcomponents make early defect detection crucial. Prolink’s software solutions equip manufacturers with the ability to pre-emptively identify and rectify potential flaws, thereby reducing scrap and delays.

Adherence to strict standards

Compliance with standards such as ISO 9001, AS9100, ITAR and others is a pressing concern in the aerospace and defence manufacturing sector. With Prolink’s software solutions, manufacturers can ensure their components are in full compliance, maintaining the highest level of accuracy while also producing swiftly and efficiently. The software provides the necessary tools to measure and maintain quality control across the board.

Unleashing the power of data visibility

Prolink’s real-time process monitoring software enables a bird’s-eye view of statistical data, enabling quality managers to make strategic decisions and identify opportunities to cut costs and minimise waste. By housing all quality data in a single networked database, manufacturers can compare performance across plants, processes, shifts, parts and more to hone their manufacturing processes.

Maximising efficiency under budgetary constraints

In an industry where budget restrictions are a constant reality, maintaining top-notch quality without compromising on speed or increasing costs can be challenging. We offer manufacturers the chance to meet these challenges head on by providing comprehensive quality management capabilities, helping to maintain accuracy and efficiency while lowering overall costs.

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