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Software solutions for superior precision & technical moulding

Precision & Technical Moulding

In the precision moulding sector, high-volume production and adherence to stringent quality standards are the order of the day. Prolink’s software solutions are tailor-made to cater to these precise needs, bringing a host of crucial benefits to manufacturers operating in the realm of precision and technical moulding.

Why use SPC software for precision & technical moulding?

Optimising high-volume operations

Precision moulding often involves the creation of small plastic parts in high quantities. With such high volumes come the risks of operator error and difficulties in managing large pools of data. Our SPC software suite allows manufacturers to handle large data volumes with ease and reduce operator errors significantly.

Delving deep into process insights

In technical moulding, understanding your process capabilities is a must. Knowing how to identify and rectify unwanted variations is the cornerstone of refining your manufacturing process. Gain a comprehensive overview of injection moulding performance by examining data from both internal product characteristics and customer-specified features.

Connecting the dots with visualisation & communication

Having a clear view of your moulding areas and maintaining smooth communication with your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) is crucial in precision moulding. Prolink’s software solutions bring you superior visualisation tools that paint a real-time picture of your production metrics, while ensuring seamless communication with your PLCs for a well-oiled, automated production cycle.

Embracing flexibility for diverse demands

Manufacturers often need to work with a wide range of part sizes, shapes, forms and complexities. Our comprehensive quality management software affords you the flexibility and adaptability you need to respond to these diverse demands. Decisions based on statistical data, gleaned during both initial qualification and in-process production, offer you the production agility you need and facilitate the creation of robust process controls.

Data-driven solutions for Industry 4.0

In a competitive industry like precision and technical moulding, embracing data-driven solutions is more than just an option, it’s a necessity. Provide yourself with the technological edge you need to navigate the demands of precision moulding, delivering efficiency, quality and ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

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