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Seamless manufacturing data synchronisation

Enterprise Data Loader

Synchronise and streamline your manufacturing data with our versatile EDL software. Sitting at the heart of each manufacturing plant, EDL effortlessly converts and syncs data from your QC-CALC databases, creating a seamless network of interconnected data.

Dual functionality

EDL comes with two user-friendly applications:

  • The EDL Client: An easy-to-use tool that sets up events for loading, exporting or archiving data.
  • The EDL Load Service: A robust application running as a Windows service that ensures your scheduled events are executed even when your PC/Server is logged off.

Benefits of Enterprise Data Loader

Easy integration

With the Enterprise Data Loader, synchronise your QC-CALC part files with a central database effortlessly. Starting with EDL 4.0+, database events can now load, export and archive data to and from QCQ files and SQL Server databases.

Multi-location data management

EDL boasts a unique feature designed for extensive multi-plant operations. Each EDL instance can tag data records with a specific location, providing clear differentiation for identical part numbers produced at different sites.

Centralised cause and action assignment

With EDL, seamlessly map to QC-CALC’s assignable cause and corrective action files. As these causes and actions are utilised, they are automatically transferred to the destination database, simplifying your data management process.

Optimised productivity

By simplifying data synchronisation across multiple plants, EDL not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the risk of manual data handling errors. Automated archiving and exporting reduce the workload of your team, freeing them up for tasks that truly require their expertise. Overall, EDL can elevate the productivity of your operation to new heights, optimising your resources for maximum yield.

Informed decision making

In a dynamic manufacturing environment, quick and accurate decision making can make a significant difference. By providing a unified view of data from all your plants, EDL empowers you with the insights you need exactly when you need them. Be it identifying patterns, foreseeing issues or simply tracking performance, the centralised database allows you to have your finger on the pulse of your operations at all times.

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