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Enhanced quality oversight

Enterprise Report Scheduler

Experience a transformative perspective of your quality data with our Enterprise Report Scheduler. This interactive platform combines advanced reporting, dynamic data visualisation and cutting-edge charting functionalities, providing an enriched view of your quality conditions. 

Benefits of Enterprise Report Scheduler

Intuitive interaction & visualisation

ERS is not just about generating reports. It brings your data to life through its interactive charting functionality. Quick filtering, grouping, and drilling down into chart elements have never been easier. You can memorise the analysis and schedule it into reports for delivery via email or QC-Mobile’s web interface.

Cross-factorial insights

With our advanced reports, you can grasp a comprehensive overview of the quality conditions not only within your factory but across multiple factories. Our reports go beyond single-part number reporting and enable comparisons of critical characteristics across all parts, cells or factories.

Seamless operations

ERS is directly fueled by data populated from QC-CALC into the SQL Server central database. What’s more, you can schedule reports, dashboards and other deliverables to run either as an application or offline centrally using a Windows service.

Streamlined decision making

This quality management software turns raw data into actionable insights. Its dynamic data visualisation and interactive charting provide you with an enhanced understanding of quality data, enabling you to make quicker, data-driven decisions that can positively impact productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced quality control

By offering an expanded view of quality conditions across factories, ERS enables you to maintain consistency and high-quality standards across your production line. This visibility can significantly reduce errors, thereby enhancing quality control and strengthening your market reputation.

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